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2009-11-05 09:52:08 by kojay

Bradford here i comee


2009-06-09 19:27:05 by kojay

how do i get rid of an entire bag of sugar in three days?, how is what im asking?

.....its creepy i hear strange noises coming from the walls its creepy, like someones IN the walls. eep

Ah crap

2009-01-28 06:55:05 by kojay

Im the oldest person in my block

Summers here

2008-06-16 14:50:31 by kojay

After fours of years of hard work, college is finally over, i had alot of great times and ill miss the people i met there, i just wished i got to know them more ( course thats what msn is for)
college has been great but i miss it already, the friends i made on my course were great, funny and interesting they helped make college great. I have good memories of the four years i spent there and i hope i can make new ones as well

I have three months before i leave for university, and im gonna use this time to relax and do all the things i couldn't do before ( ITS A HUGE LIST)
some of the things inlclude making sketches and animations.

Im also looking forward to more episodes of this series:
Beast wars 2 which is pretty freakin awesome saying im not a fan of transformers that can turn into road kill

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Is it worth starting warhammer?

2008-04-17 13:18:03 by kojay

For a long time, ive heard of this warhammer and ive been interested in it for a long time now i feel start nurture this interest by buying the game but not without hearing about if its good or not

So if there are any warhammer veterans or people who like the hobby or anyone are out there, could you give me your verdict because its costs £40 and im just curious about it.

so could you tell me what you think thank you

Is it worth starting warhammer?

Im on a sketching bender

2008-02-16 19:04:56 by kojay

I recently had an interview at Sunderland university for an animation course and after wowing the interviewer with my animations i brought via memory stick ( because im too cheap to get a laptop) he offered me a place on the course but only one condition, draw loads upon loads of sketches, because apparently my drawings are my weakest area, which i totally understand.

So now im doing tons of sketchwork not just for him but for me because too be honest my drawings suck and i think i could get more skills at animating if i just sketch loads of work, so that's what im doing. I am also going to start drawing my own character designs because to be honest im getting tired of drawing anime, and too many people draw it which loses originality, because really i want my characters to be sort of a immitation anime if that makes any sense because i still loves anime

im doing this to show myslef how determined i am to be on this course
Believe it!

So whats going on,

2008-02-10 21:51:11 by kojay

well for anyone who's interested ( or maybe not seeing as how no one knows of my existence) this is pretty much what im doing right now

> Working on my newest animation by doing small pieces of animation to it per day

> collecting all my work from college and preparing a portfolio for my Uni interview

> trying not to panic because of interview, i've had a bad history

> completing half life 2 orange box, manhunt, psychonauts, digital devil saga 2

> English resit class

thats pretty much it. (I hate being 20)

I just completed my latest animation that took longer then you should have done
It was created for several reasons one of them was to take the piss out of characters seen in anime and manga

I also did this because i heard some inspiring words from someone.
so go i dunno do whatever with it

Just submitted my new animation. Its ok i guess

I've been looking and making flash animation for a while now and im kinda curious, whereas some use 25fps, you got others who use 12fps and i wanted your opinion on it because i get the feeling that my animations can run better in something other than 12fps so i im just curious is all

so what's the best fps speed to use for animations and why?